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Overall a great app and news info

Timely updates of content not clutter

Am happy to have the app and receive the updates of useful news content than clutter.

Excellent timely app

Always correct and right on time with news!

Local news

Good source of what is happening in Bay Area. Also how traffic is affected.

How to get better ratings

Untether the Watch Live TV feature from requiring an XFINITY upgrade. The only channel with such a requirement in SF. SAD!

Great app

Great app, love the breaking news, just keeping update

News Updates You Want

This is a very nice apps. The selection of news updates keeps getting better and better. The weather updates are timely but can be excessive if you are driving over long distances in a short period of time.

Love the alerts.

I like this AP for the alerts. When at work they send me updates about important local and national news.

Great local news app

I haven’t had any issues with the app yet. Nice to be able to keep up with local news via my phone when I have a few minutes of down time.

Great Local App

The local, and national news are great and are delivered quickly. However, the weather portion of it is a plus. Every time there’s a chance of rain or it’s raining close by we are notified, also we can have a live and predicted forecast which gives us more credibility and information.

Very Informative

I am enjoying the app. I appreciate the weather alerts and notifications on breaking news.

Central Valley is home

But this is one of my favorite news apps,after Fresno of course.In this new world where my iPhone can have tv apps from everywhere I enjoy finding out about everything everywhere with a tap and this San Francisco’s news fills in my Cali needs. Love the content with weather and such. I recommend it to all!

Live feed broken

Giving this two stars because I have an on going issue with the live feed not working. I keep getting an error message. The only fix so far is uninstalling the app then reinstalling.

Works great for me

Could use a little better organization but overall, working good for me. I’ll turn off the notifications once the Olympics are over.

Good for staying in knowledge of the Bay Area

Great app for staying up-to-date on Bay Area news!

Works well. I like breaking news feature

I thought the app for a little while and have a really used it but all of a sudden after you said I started getting these great breaking news features popping up and I appreciate it well done

Quick link to news

This is a great app for catching up on the news quickly! I can scroll through and open the stories that I want more information about. It will also push alerts to me throughout the day, although sometimes too much.

Stop with the rain notifications!

I think it’s a decent app for news (both national and Bay Area specific). My complaint is the weather/rain notifications, that seem to get triggered by location services. On my commute to work this morning I had about 12 “moderate rain detected”... pretty obnoxious. Figure out a way to fix this and I’ll give it 5 stars!

San Francisco Bay Area News

Reliable source of Bay Area breaking news and events. I recommend sign up for notifications, including weather. Not fancy, but a very good info source.

News not Program Info

I can only give this app a 2 star rating. The news itself is great. And the app, while a bit laggy and clunky at times, is better than what you’d expect for a local news app. However, the real reason for the low rating is that there is no way to turn off the program alerts. Sending me breaking news alerts is fine and exactly what I signed up for. But pushing an alert for figure skating finals or for the live version of some ridiculous holiday movie is VERY ANNOYING! Please consider changing this.

No cable no live tv

I was surprised to find out that you can’t watch live TV unless you sign in with a cable or other TV provider. I have over-the-air reception, so limiting the app to cable subscribers seems inappropriate for a non-cable tv station. This should not be allowed by the FCC.

Keeps me up to date, regardless of where I spend my day!

Updated news about local issues, plus news breaking on the CA or national platform! When traveling & camping, it helps keep me in touch with my home town!

Love it - good news, good alerts.


San Jose new channel.

Great app. Awesome.

News at an apps touch

Absolutely love being able to catch up on what's going on at home while overseas

Local weather

Great for our microclimate forecast and local news.

NBC Bay Area app

Good for all the news u need!

Love the Pop Up News Flashes

I really appreciate the news flash updates as things are happening later locally and across the country. And I want to read more, I can. Thank you.

Get this...

Love this app.

Very good app

Very good! I use every day!

Great News app.

Totally satisfied with is app. sports, news on fires, and local updates for North-bay

Love this app!

Very informative, keeps me informed about alerts and other breaking news.

Great app for local news

Thumbs up

Love it

I’m glad I have this app I’m always up to day with what’s going on in the Bay Area and breaking news around the world events.

Ads are frustrating

Live the push alerts but auto play ads are frustrating , especially when you are in a hurry

Ms. Rice-Hall

Excellent source of up to date news.

Love the Alerts feature

I mostly use this app for the alerts feature that brings me important news stories in my area. Totally worth it just for that feature alone.

Best Bay Area News app

The UI is simple to use and straight-forward.

Excellent news app

I really have no complaints. Good overall, including the Live Stream feature. Thank you NBC Bay Area!

Love this app

Easy to get fresh news!

Keeps me connected

Sometimes life is too busy to carve out time to.sit and read or watch the news. With this app I get alerts to news happening and I can see t the categories of news to learn about. Or I can open it and just re read it all. I like it!

Love this app

I like staying in tune with the latest Bay Area news on the go or when I have down time during the day...

The NBC Bay Area App Store

I enjoyed my NBC Bay Area App on my App Storw cause they're looking up the weather and looking up the sports and News Stories across the San Francisco Bay Area and the South Bay Bay Area. Northern California will have some heat advisory in effect until 9:00 pm this evening. The NBC Bay Area is sponsored by Toyota, Let's go Places.

Great news app

All the local news, weather and traffic. I use it all the time.

The best Bay Area News

I love this app, it keeps me informed about what's going on around the Bay Area!!! Loooove it!!!

One of the better local news apps

This is one of the better local tv news apps. Only thing I hate is the ads that play before a video.

UnBiased Reporting

UnBiased and Balanced Reporting, as well as up to date news stories.

NBC gives me the Bay Area news like no other

Watch them every morning with my breakfast. When I am away I count on the stories of the latest information to be there and it is every time! Thank you for your great anchors, stories that go into detail when we need it and very colorful app with lots of good stuff too. Not just bad or sad news. Thank you and keep up the great coverage! Wouldn't go anywhere else!



The best app news

Just love the way it gets updated. Thank you for the great work!!

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